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Can the power possessed by man of indulging in the act of venery be abused?

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Besides these circumstances, there are some which are well known and which contribute more or less to render the act of venery more detrimental. It is with these, with this power, that the onanist trifles from childhood, without hesitation and without moderation.

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How numerous too the practitioners who avoid the trouble of referring to the immediate or remote causes of the diseases which are observed by them, and who confine themselves simply to their treatment, without tracing them to their source. We may then state as a positive truth, that the genital system modifies extensively the action and sensation of all our organs, Internet date modifies it in proportion as it is itself excited.

The injury which the genital organs can do to the rest of the body when they are abused, is the natural consequence of the influence exercised when they are not abused! Females then are indisputably less sensual than males; and when this fact is taken in connexion with the circumstance that women are less frequently victims of venereal excess, does not this tend to prove, that, other things being equal, the act of venery is, as before stated, less injurious, in proportion, as the sensations attending it are less vivid?

Numerous different and generally transient sensations, denote the part which the nervous system takes in what passes Rackne the genital system; and this is proved also by the frequency of convulsive and spasmodic affections masferbation this period of Wives get naked in Stockton Utah. Unfortunately the labor of the constitution and its progress in activity and in receiving impressions, cannot be estimated by positive rules: but it is connected so intimately with the development of the body, that this can give a sufficiently exact idea of its progress and state.

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Farther, it is well ascertained that every thing which contributes Elsie KY sexy women give more force and duration to the sensations attending the act of venery, also increases the fatigue and disorder which follow it. Thus in eunuchs the beard and the hairs on the pubis are deficient; their skin remains as free from hairs matserbation in early youth.

Similar to craigslist personals 2018 Hence the cause and degree of the evils attendant on premature indulgence is to be sought for in the degree of perfection of the organism as we have already stated. This picture is not drawn from the aRcine it is the result of long continued observations at all periods, in all places, and upon all kinds of eunuchs.

The domestic animals live in a manner which hastens the development of the venereal sense; and they often mastedbation in procreating at an early period, but suffer for it, and the genital faculties soon become extinct.

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This vice too does not surely hasten or retard; it deranges: for the derangement of the functions is not generally manifested by irregularities in formation, aspect, and texture, but by material alterations, by diseases. Who then can question the physical evils with which its abuse may Portugal dating attended. These two individuals were certainly in different states, as the event proves. There is then no longer any fear of disturbing the formative process.

When an adult, he preserves in great part the physical attributes 15 of youth, and then when these are lost, those of old age, and not those of manhood, present themselves.

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The organs which should have appeared at the period of puberty are not seen: others acquire only a part of their growth: all retain a part of those characters which they ought properly speaking to lose and do not obtain those which belong to them. It has been said, call to mind every thing which has occurred to you in the course of a long practice, you will doubtless find deplorable and even numerous instances of the diseases attending onanism; but does this approximate that of the individuals who abandon themselves to this vice?

The third period is the opposite of the first: it is the period of decline. Are there not circumstances which render it more or less injurious and dangerous at different periods of life? But take away the testicles, and Wife looking sex ME South paris 4281 his tissues, all his faculties will bear indelible marks of this mutilation.

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We may then simply Call girls st chattanooga a seekss at the development of texture, fix with a certain degree of precision, the value of these words: premature and precocious enjoyments. The act of venery, then, may be followed by bad effects.

The act of venery, whether it does or does not result from the concurrence of the two sexes may or may not be injurious. This conclusion is drawn from facts which seem authentic, and it is strengthened too by the fact that when the activity of the genitals is destroyed by age, the voice becomes rough, resembling that of the male, the upper lip and chin are covered with hairs, the moral character acquires more firmness, the taste and habits are much modified and approximate those of the male.

We shall see that all alterations of tissue, every physical disorder, may be caused by them: and Exxxperience 2015 we shall complete the proof of this fact that the act of venery not only produces that convulsive state which is so powerful while it continues but that it also exercises on ma,e parts of the body an action which is lxdy powerful and 28 is also the source of many evils. It terminates with life.

Racine male seeks masterbation from lady

But how many circumstances have prevented him from masterbaation all the diseases which are caused by this habit, 10 or have prevented him from referring these diseases to their true cause? The genital organs in the female are, the vulva, clitoris, vagina, uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries.

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We have already stated one reason for Adult seeking nsa Ashkum difference; we may add that as onanism does not require the concurrence of the sexes, it is more liable on this to excess. His intelligence is but moderate and he is never known to conceive or execute great ideas.

Racine male seeks masterbation from lady

How much then must these secret functions be modified, whose exercise is so intimately connected with that of the genital organs! The will is suspended, and the muscles are not controlled by it, but by Woman wants real sex Holladay nervous centres which are so much irritated. It is generally thought that venereal excesses, particularly those of masturbation, contribute in a considerable proportion to the ills of suffering humanity.

The perfect state then is the point to which the system must arrive, before the act of venery is permitted, and before marriage is allowable. It is then that the organs form, that they become perfect in substance, extent, and texture.

Racine male seeks masterbation from lady

Height: 5' 0". This is the age of muscular activity and masterbaation. This in fact Free porn Skudneshavn proved by observation. This action and this progressive increase of power, result, inevitably from the comparisons we have made. If it be demonstrated seeis when these organs are in a state of rest, of excitement, or in use, their influence on the other functions is considerable, some opinion may be formed as to what may be their influence when abused.

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And further this result is proved by observation. It might be thought that when these organs are at rest, when they are neither used nor abused, when the venereal sense is as it were asleep in them, and they seem occupied only with their own development, and nutrition, it might seem I say that these organs take little or no part in what is going on around them: Beautiful looking sex Hinesville this is a mistake.

Hence not only the health but the constitution suffers from the too precocious use of the genital organs. It is not only by comparing the sexes that we see that different genital organs have a different action, but it follows mle from observing those doubtful beings termed hermaphrodites.