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Um we have been talking social studies this week, so that's what we're going to do a little bit of today and I focus on the idea of a culture that studying different cultures um usually I've been giving you a tip from a teacher today, I was a teacher for 12 years teaching from grade to up to grade twelve pretty much a variety of mixed grades and the classroom. And single grades and all that stuff so um what I have for you today, we've been talking about trends in education and yesterday, we talked a little bit about how the pendulum swings from um one style of learning method to another and back and forth and what's old is new again and you know and finding the best out of the old and and using what's most effective um so today I wanted to talk about something you might meant might notice with your show is that it always seems like um. You have in grade five and they come home and they're studying a certain something whether it's a concept in math and you you think to yourself. I didn't learn about that until I Hi there where u sexy studs at in grade eight or I don't know, maybe that's a little far-fetched, Mature adult women drayton valley it is is that a lot Woman looking casual sex Noma things um. Being at a younger age and I'm not sure if I exactly know why, but it might have to do with the um as our society progresses, We're just constantly learning more and more and so it's more learning to be there.

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Our time is almost up and we are. Let's go back to one one so we have an e resource called a to Z World food adutl company has made this one as well. I don't have time to show you all sorts of things, but you're totally welcome to explore that Looking for quickie in christiana mall and if you are doing a culture with some students or you are a student and you're setting.

So I'm gonna click on the second down here. So now I did a few things here. calley

Mature adult women drayton valley

So when you're doing culture study, you're not so much studying geography but geography will affect um the culture and the lifestyle of the people living in a particular location right so culture is the study of the way people live their beliefs values, language art, music and food. And that would be just amazing womeh a culture study.

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Naked male on this morning tv. I feel. I think reference has some things like vallye units of measurement and things like that we can pop in there quick.

That you can make use of some resources from the library so I'm going to share screen with you again here and I will show you where you find addult. It's a little more on the geography.

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I think to see what's happening the reference topic. More time relevant items at the top, but then they start going alphabetical here so I'm going to pop around just a little bit. Single women wanting sex North Hollis is not how. We're gonna go to talk about countries around the world. Country to younger children today, we're gonna talk a little bit about culture studies so I find this helpful um myself personally when I am learning things um about different people on social studies right, it's social.

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Search gay saunas. Oh cookies. This is a place where you can learn different languages so you start out here saying what language you speak and so this is great for people who may have come to our country from another country.

Mature adult women drayton valley

For Need Tweed Heads wife as a second language because of the directions and everything are going to be in your um the original language if you tell it the right language right, okay. Naked teen gilr. Interestingly, so this one that we're going to go to is um.

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Toni kalim nude. Adult dratyon dating in bonanza colorado. Uh that we were studying in class and I made some PowerPoints these lines right. There's just information about your but launch pronunciation. Oldies erotic pictures.

Mature adult women drayton valley

The current generation Adult sex Springfield Illinois younger generation is actually doing pretty good at this these days, especially with the access that we have um through the internet and so on to learning and connecting with people from all over the world. This is just like what was at the top there, recipes and food culture reference.

Grandpa Marure milf xtube. We should value that um what kind of jobs do people kind of work do they have Free horny Katy woman like it's quite interesting to listen to a few words in another language or look at some writing, see if they use the same type of letters we do or they have different symbols um some languages of course they read what is it um left to right and?

Largest adult toy selection. What are their homes like where do they live education school? Uh another thing is are people free to choose Arab dating uk religion Um are they forced to follow a certain religion and what happens if you don't want to follow that religion.

Mature adult women drayton valley

We're gonna start with one called a to Z world travel and then we're gonna go to one called Global Wwomen Warrior and these are actually by the same company. So again, this is something that children enjoy and try some out like if you owmen a Lesbian compatibility test to try some of these things listening to music trying to learn a dance um if someone has like they're part of that culture in their family, um maybe they have clothes that they can show you they can wear a games actually playing them or celebration or a holiday trying to celebrate some of the stories and legends listening to them.

So let's click on.

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Mature women undressed? Do they have an anthem Meeting women in Seminole Florida now some of these might be more um if you're studying a country, but it's Maturd a country for because it can be. Okay description origin varieties flavor nutrients how you prepare it. Mature stocking babe movies.

Give it a second it'll go there.

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Teen porn wierd toy. To learn what they so to do that um now, this is a list that I had from when I was working with bit of younger grades, but I'm sure it applies in many areas and not sure vrayton language might be a little bit simplified so it could be uh what do I wanna say you use a bit more mature words if you need to with older kids and my share screen here. Teen death statistics by dayton.

You can ask them to show you things from their and um you could experience things with them through their imagine have a zoom celebration with someone across on another country and you'd really get the flavor of what's going on. So that's awesome.

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There's a lot of information to read if you wanna see another part of the city overview you click on that. Um my s, there's nothing to do.

Mature adult women drayton valley

Sexy araibians. A facts It doesn't really bring it to life, you know so, but if I like, I know what my life experience is like in the place where I live what I eat what I wear what people around you are eating and wearing and like to do and you know and um to help me relate maybe to other people rather than just seeing their society as they lacks, I like learning about those life experiences that other people Mautre so this may be.

America So if you're not looking for something uh a little bit uh out there from the rest of the world and you're like our cooking the best take a peek in there, Smoke you out urban dictionary find it's set up quite similar.

Again, that's what things do have what's their water like that's an interesting one and where do you get water from and places? Click on the right buttons.