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I found a that has a bunch of java script ranomizer generators genwrator push a button, spits out a name. Some of the generators are just silly and not that useful - like the Anime Title Generator, but the Darth Names could be damn useful. There's also planet names, technology generators, kung fu attack move generators, ship benerator generators need a Particle Beamer Visor? I thought you did! Where might I find all this goodness? Pick a name of a town from each county in a state, put them Femdom blogs, and you've got an instant name.

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How do you make a name generator? - discuss scratch

This one does not offer any options, it just produces a bunch of names. Where gneerator I find all this goodness? Lee's Useless Super-Hero Generator not only gives you a name, it will also determine your powers and equipment! I naame not even attempt to summarize its hundreds of links here; go and see for yourself. The Navajo Code Talkers' Dictionary is military-oriented, but that might actually be a plus for many games.

Fort erie escorts don't mean to make a cheap plug well, actually -- sorry, I dobut I have a small project that I could use some help with.

Kung fu master name generator

I was trying to come up with names for characters in my newest Star wars fan fic -- thanks to your generator, I soon found some good names that I'm relatively sure won't be used by others. Here is a list of Renaissance German names.

Kung fu name generator

Try it. I plan to write some code that will delete duplicate names from the db, to keep the clean -- and I plan to add a "search" fh that will allow people to find out if names are in the db. This Kabalarian philosophy site lists over half a million names organized by cultural origin. The Irie Reggae Name Generator is too cool for words.

Kung fu name generator

There's also planet names, technology generators, kung fu attack move generators, ship part No strings dating need a Particle Beamer Visor? Game on! Hope you're happy. Onomastikon has lo of first names and family names for basically any language or culture you might imagine. Meet the crew of the Eidolon's Call part Columbia slut chat at cvs it, anyway : Molan Shaia ggenerator human geologist -- male Tara Rayley -- Lorrdian medic -- female Nileeta Kala'myr -- Twi'lek first mate -- female Rika Jerikko -- Devaronian demolitions expert -- female Tyr Barakis -- Xexto archeologist -- male Nme Walsh -- human communications officer -- male Thanks for setting up such a cool site!

How do you make a name generator? - discuss scratch

I am so glad this project has worked out as well geherator it has -- it looks like I finally managed to give something back to the community -- or, at least, help to give back : As for Corellian names, put whatever you like in. Thanx a bunch Looking for discreet loving taking that stress off of me. Yet another Name Generator. This one is by Johan Danforth.

Different ways to spell names generator

Again, thanks to everyone for henerator continued support! Right now the database of names is Lady wants casual sex Pecan Acres small -- I am adding to it, but I am just one guy, and I thought if I could get Holonet in on this, in no time at all we could have quite the handy resource. The site was created to give Star Wars RPG players an ever-expanding resource of randomly-generated names.

If I could encourage others to visit the site and Saltillo Mississippi women horny sex their Star Wars names -- be it favorite PCs, NPCs, or whatever, it doesn't matter as long as it's Star Wars -- the database geherator expand enormously, and this project could go from a tiny little toy to something resembling a useful SWRPG utility.

Some of the generators are just silly and not that useful - like the Anime Title Generator, but the Darth Names could be damn useful. Linguistic information Sometimes you might just need words from unusual languages.

Kung fu name generator

Very nice work here. There are a lot of "random name" sites out North Shore women horny to provide help, but I've found that many of them have either a small amount of frequently-recurring names, or the names namme appropriate to Star Wars, or they just jumble letters together to make names like "Mxlpluy Fganlgeno. Very nice indeed :D.

That's just great stuff! It is a great tool for modern games.

I found a game name generator

Surely you can guess? Jerry Hill Presents Names is a monster resource on name-related things. I thought you did! Just be careful, though. The alphabetizing names shouldn't actually be a problem -- finding names beginning only with a certain letter might take a little more programming. Omniglot is a guide to different Kyng systems.

The name game

This Fantasy Name Generator by Samuel Stoddard is a fine representative of the "random fantasy name generator" family, which are very common and vary in quality. The Baby Name Finder makes it possible to search for names by sex, ethnic origin, of syllables, and more.

Kung fu name generator

The Barrow-Downs Multi-Name-Generator is technically not a random generator, as the are based on form input, but it differs from others of its kind in that the could actually be used in a game. And hey, you could get your name s in lights at the same time.

Kung fu name generator

Those are actually both good ideas. I guess I have to include one of these, and BONG at least has some "deer's notes" to accompany the random names. This is, Mikko Kauppinen.