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Great absolutely awesome LSD. That was some potent shit though.

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My other theory is that some paper holds the LSD inside the paper better than other papers, thus when you put certain papers in it appears that the purple color stays in the paper, and other times it leaks out.

Sounds like you got some good stuff though. It's not a good substitute for the real thing! I did not partake so I can't speak to the qualitative effects.

Great absolutely uBnk LSD. Same deal, kind of small yellow tinted clear chunks that were a bit salty and not as bitter as I would like to taste in a good bag of "molly".

Bunk police marquis

Location: at the center of my universe endlessness Bunl I am unaware if there are possible poisonous mushrooms that also have indole compounds in them and could result in a false positive. The presence of indole compounds is not logically an Craigslist st jo mo of the absence of any dangerous toxins!

Take at least three years to become familiar with the art of mushroom hunting if you cannot have an expert inspect all your pickings. Luckily the bunk police actually had a tent set up at Cookeville girls porn concert and we tested that shit and sure enough it came up as methylone.

Bunk police marquis

That was some potent shit though. If you want to pick mushrooms in the wild, take your time and make a proper study of the subject.

Bunk police marquis

Maequis trust a chemical kit to do the identification for you. I emphatically agree with the notion of being able to identify the look alikes. So what I'm thinking, but I can't exactly verify this Horny mom in Rock Hill anecdotal evidence, the stronger the blotter is laid the more chance that the solution surrounding the blotter will also turn purple in the ehrlich's test.

Bunk police marquis

Only ever pick the ones you know and of which you know all possible look alikes in the local mycoflora. I've also had a perforated print blotter than oozed purple color also, super potent shit too.

Bunk police marquis

The moon rocks you got sound an awful lot like this stuff my friends bought at a concert in washington recently. Who knows.

Bunk police marquis

Don't trust one book or two pictures on the internet either. If you want to eat shrooms, just grow some cubes from a kit as you can buy them from the internet.