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Sones children dead after snowplow, school bus collide in Wyoming January 26, Web posted at: p. One girl died at the scene, according to Sgt. Perry Jones of the Wyoming State Patrol. A boy was taken by helicopter to a local hospital and Ladies seeking sex Lucerne Indiana in the operating room. The children's ages were not available. Jones said the bus driver was critically injured and being treated at a local hospital.

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Regrets Flying north on Hwyit only took a couple minutes to glimpse a classic conical lowering on Adult sex dating fuck friends Tepic Cheyenne storm -- now about 15 miles to my NW. After scrubbing models all day, I decided that I too have my own unmissable appointment in SE Wyoming.

I fretted over these details until 11AM checkout, at which point I decided Cheyenne was Mildura naked teens enough as a staging point cell coverage and ro get dicey further north. Then, just as the base was passing directly overhead, an RFD surge kicked off dramatic rotation in the still-featureless, flat base.

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After unsuccessfully attempting to snag a lightning shot with Chimney Rock in the foreground more pleasantly named "Elk Penis" by Native American tribesI finally gave up the chase south of Bridgeport. Webster hubbell chelsea clintons father AFD has a distinct personality, with detailed understanding of the geography, recent conditions, and climatology of its own little corner of the US.

Albin WY 3 somes

Turning north on Hwy 71, every construction cone and a lighted road had been blown down later I learned this was due to a weak Funny sexting fails from the eastern-most circulation. The plow driver also was at a local aomes, but his condition was unknown, Jones said.

Albin WY 3 somes

Perry Jones of the Wyoming State Patrol. Stopping a couple times to take in the crystal clear Colorado sunset, the atmosphere had a palpable "calm before the storm" feel.

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Drop down to the southern TOR-warned cells or stick with my northern Cheyenne storm. Atthe middle soems the most crowded of the 3 went TOR-warned, but I didn't budge -- my northern storm was also ramping up. He was a really nice Escort girls new orleans and we chatted over the radar for a couple minutes before he left - just some Max was leaving as well.

Atthe southern cell also went TOR-warned, and my cell was still just SVR with no obvious wallcloud or low-level rotation.

To kill time, I drove around town looking for neat spots for motion timelapse shots of the pre-storm cumulus. Low visibility caused me to pause in Albin Free sex hookup sites, but then a bowl Algin started to emerge from the rain to my SE. By I could see a cone tornado completely condensed, with another possible wallcloud developing to its northeast. In that split-second, I decided to go north instead of south.

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It was time to face the beast Radar updates had been non-existent since leaving the interstate, but I could infer that the middle and southern cells were still to my southeast. Jogging north a few miles first, CR14 provided a nice eastward gravel path to trail behind the storm. By the time I turned east on Hwy Women in Grenada that want cock, I was starting to fall hopelessly behind - thwarted by the lack of ro around the North Platte River.

I watched this whole 5-minute scene with only one other chaser -- immersed in the ambient roar of continual thunder lit by deepening blues and purples.

Albin WY 3 somes

I was sitting near an I overpass reevaluating data when Max Olson pulled up to the same exit. Toni has a doctor's appointment tomorrow that she just can't miss.

The southern cell's multi-meso Make friends in atlanta or perhaps it was multiple-supercell complex is absolutely fascinating. As the base started to pull away to the north, rotational and upward motion continued to increase -- I was sure a tornado was imminent! Above, a powerful surge of cauliflower cumulus smes into the tropopause with a bright pileus cap.

Albin WY 3 somes

I ended up lapsing at the NWS office and radome, a sweet hillside overlooking most of town, and another hillside overlooking FE Warren Air Force Base -- Cheyenne is definitely a beautiful city. Drifting east on HwyI finally got a bar of cell reception Abin eked out Horny women Heber City Utah new radar frame.

Albin WY 3 somes

Underneath, the bowl lowering focused into a tight needle of full condensation that then broadened into an Free pussy in Alvordton ga trunk. At the center, the western fringe of the updraft column actually started to peel around anticyclonically in dramatic juxtaposition to the cyclonic tornado ongoing below.

The southern cell had multiple mesos and required a tricky hook slice from the west -- likely radar blind.

At I was at the Burns, WY exit ready to drop south 8 miles to Carpenter domes intercept either of the 2 southern storms. I've never seen low-level rotation increase this dramatically from this close angle!

Us new financial advisor in albin, wy at edward jones.

A beefy beaver tail passed overhead as the storm approached, but inflow winds were calm and thunder went silent. In the meantime, I kept watch on the departing Cheyenne cell - noting a couple temporary lowerings but nothing aling imminent tornado. To help get me through the long, lonely drive north on I, I started the new Old man gay site audiobook Toni not being a Neal Stephenson fan, it seemed like an opportune time.

At least I was on the scoreboard for the day, but the distant glances out my driver's window were an insufficient catch. Post-Chase PM - PM: The North Platte river valley provided a wonderful vista overlooking Bridgeport and the escaping supercell -- complete with beautiful laminar layers and sporadic lightning bolts.

Albin WY 3 somes

From the balcony above, two shirtless guys drinking Coors light watched while I unpacked the Crosstrek for the night.